How to Use Your Free 14 Days of Qsymia to Determine Your Best Dose

If you received the 14 days of Qsymia for free, it gives you a good chance to try different dose combinations. Qsymia comes in 4 doses; the free capsules are the lowest at 3.75/23. The first number is the phentermine dose and the second number is the Topamax dose. Remember, the typical phentermine dose we use is!

The stronger doses are:
7.5/46----11.25/69 and the strongest dose of 15/96 which is only ½ of an Adipex. 
The Qsymia capsule contains both drugs and is taken before breakfast. The phentermine is short acting starts immediately and lasts until 3-4 PM, the Topmax is time released but is designed to start acting at 3-4 PM and last until bedtime. Phentermine is a pure appetite suppressor, while Topamax reduces appetite and cravings and stops the brain from obsessing with food. 

Here is how to use the 14 days of Free Qsymia:

Day 1 to 8: 1 single Qsymia before breakfast—lowest dose—3.75/23. Do this for 8 days and save 6 capsules:

Day 9, 10, 11  Two (2) Qsymia at a time before breakfast---becomes the 7.5/46 dose. This gives you a chance to try the higher dose before you need to buy a month of the Qsymia. If you have few if any side effects. Ask you doctor to prescribe the next dosage--7.5/46 for a month. This is the most common dose. Only a few people need higher doses. The dosage can be increased every month. 

Qsymia: How to Take the Free 14 Day Trial

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